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Tsai Shen Yeh

Tsai Shen YehTsai Shen Yeh is a Chinese God of Wealth or Fortune which is often well known as Lu-Xing, the Star God of Honor or Status, and God of Wealth within the Chinese Three Stars Gods or San-Xing. The other twos are Fu-Xing and Shou-Xing, symbolizing luck and longevity respectively. As a God of Wealth, he was dressed as a Taoist priest with fine robes and sometimes holding a Ru-Yi in his left hand, representing his power. Tsai Shen Yeh's legend has two sides.

Intellectual side – named “Pee Karn”, often being called “Bung Tsai Shen Yeh”. He was the commander-in-chief of the last emperor of the Sang Dynasty. He was very loyal to the land and the Dynasty. Pee Karn often asked the King, who was very infatuated to his concubine, to administer civil affairs. As a result, the concubine did not like Pee Karn and planned to persecute the Commander. The concubine pretended to be sick and conspired with the doctor of the
Royal Palace. The doctor asked the King to bring Pee Karn's heart to prepare the medicine for the concubine. One of the senior gods in the heaven had insight to this plan. Thus, the god gave Pee Karn a tablet of immortal medicine. After Pee Karn gave the heart to the concubine, he did not die. However, he felt discouraged for working for the Dynasty. So, he walked away from the palace and gave away his money to people. When he died, he was born in the heaven as “The God of Fortune”.

Physical Strength side – named “Lord of Kong Ming”, is often called “Bu Tsai Shen Yeh”. He was a hermit with aggressive looking. He conducted moral deeds until became the great master. Tigers were his subordinates. His magical weapons were iron whip, magical pearl, and rope binding the dragon. The Lord forced the God that had the power of appointment to appoint the Lord to become “The God of Fortune”. The God was not as durable as the Lord. As a result, the God lost the battle and told the Lord that the rank for the God of Fortune was already taken. However, if the Lord could take Pee Karn' heart, the God would appoint the Lord as the God of Fortune. Thus, the Lord commanded his subordinates, tigers, to rip Pee Karn's body. Nevertheless, Pee Karn's heart was not found. The God realized his guilt that he deceived the Lord for his own survival. Therefore, he appointed the Lord of Kong Ming as the God of Fortune in physical strength side.

As his qualification of being the God of Fortune, it is believed that Tsai Shen Yeh is helpful if people wish to have a better income or attract prosperity in life. Normally, Tsai Shen Yeh is worshipped the night of the end of a year. This is the Chinese ritual that Tsai Shen Yeh has to be the first god that is worshipped or invited to the house. The day of this ritual varies from year to year, depending on annual calculations of astrology.