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Thai Monks

Luang Pu Tuat
Luang Pu TuatLuang Pu Tuat or Phra Ko is well known amongst Thais due to his supernatural power and his intelligence.

Luang Pu Tuat was a real person. He was born in a poor family at Suanchan Village, Chumporn, in the late of Thammaracha reign during Ayutthaya period. Although his parents were poor, he was born with meritorious deeds. When he was a baby, one day a huge snake came and twisted itself around his cradle. The snake prevented anybody who came near the cradle. His parents suspected that the snake was an angel that transformed himself to the snake to protect the baby. The parents, then, paid respect to that snake. Miraculously, the snake crawled slowly away from the baby and disappeared. His parents believed that this unexplainable event was a sign, showing that special baby was already born.  Due to Luang Pu Tuat's great contribution to others, his family status had continuously been better.
The following is the story of the origin of one of Luang Pu Tuat's nicknames “Luang Pu Tuat steps on tasteless sea”.

Luang Pu Tuat, at the age of 80, resided at Wat Pha Ko. One day while he was strolling along the sea, Chinese pirates caught him and took him to the sea with them. Not so long after the pirates' ship took off, it stopped unexplainable in the middle of the sea. The pirates felt desperately after they tried to move the ship several times. The ship floated in the sea for days. Finally, the ship ran out of food supply and freshwater and the crews suffered from dehydrating. When Luang Phor Tuat saw that, he put his feet into the sea for a while and told the crews to taste the seawater. The crews tasted the seawater. Miraculously, the seawater was tasteless, no longer salted. The Chinese pirates wondered the miracle and were scared of Luang Pu Tuat. As a result, the pirates asked for forgiveness and send Luang Pu Tuat ashore. After that, he was named “Luang Pu Tuat steps on tasteless sea”.

Luang Phor To
Luang Phor ToLuang Phor To or His Majesty Phra Phuttajarn Wat Rakung Kositaram was named “To”. When he was young, he was so small that his parents name him “To”, the opposite of small, to make him bigger. His nickname of Phrommarungsri was given during the reign of Rama I at Tha Luang Ayutthaya Province. It was believed that Luang Phor To was the son of the King in Chakri Dynasty, and Kaesorn, a citizen. However, this is not confirmed.


Luang Phor To entered the monkshood since he was young. He had never involved in any material world. He was not interested to any girl who adored him.  He was obedient and did not believe in anything without reasons. When he grew up, he was ordained. Many people paid high respect to him even the King.  He wandered around with one objective of nourishing and spreading the Buddhism. He was 85 years old before he passed away.


Luang Phor To amulets were recognized as the best of Thai amulets since there are uncountable, miraculous events, regarding to the amulets. The amulets are believed to ward off dangers, bring luck and success in life. Some says that Luang Phor To amulet is the world emperor of Thai amulets.

Luang Phor Khun 

Luang Phor KhunLuang Phor Khun Paritsudtho is fondly revered throughout thailand. He was born in October 4, 1923 in a farmer family of remote area in Nakornrachasima Province. He is the eldest son of Boon, his father and Thongkhao, his mother. Before Luang Phor Khun was born, his mother told her neighbors that she dreamt that an angle from the heaven visited her house and gave her a brilliant marble. The angle told her to keep this marble carefully as the marble would become a significant devotee to Buddhism and human's dependence.

As life is tenuity, Luang Phor Khun's parents died since he was young.  As a result, his aunt patronized him and his siblings. At the age of
6 to 7, he was sent to study Thai and Khmer with masters Shai and Hon. They thought Luang  Phor  Khun  magic spells for protecting himself from any harm.

At the age 21, Luang Phor Khun was ordained as Paritsudtho at Wat Thanonhukyai in Nakornrachasima Province. After his ordination, he moved and placed himself under Luang Phor Daeng at Wat Bannongpho. Luang Phor Daeng was well known for his strict meditation routine and incantations.
Luang Phor Khun studied hard, followed Buddha's Doctrines. Luang Phor Khun had served Luang Phor Daeng for years, before he was sent to study with Luang Phor Khong, who was Luang Phor Daeng's friend. After Luang Phor Khun was skillful enough, he wandered in solitude, staying in caves and practising the Dhamma with piety, through the forest wilderness in search of deeper and wider knowledge of Buddha's doctrine. At first, he wandered within Nakornrachasima Province. Later, he wandered to Laos and Khmer to be free from desires.  After he did meditation in higher level for years, he went back to Nakornrachasima Province, Thailand.  When he was back, he built Buddhist temple, monk's dwellings, and sermon hall in a monastery.  He also drilled and built reservoir for public utilization and school for children in Nakornrachasima Province. Furthermore, he gave education funds for studying Buddhism. This was the most highly significant charity that can lead him to nirvana.


Thus, Luang Phor Khun has devoted his time and effort almost exclusively to Buddhism. Nowadays, his disciples had multiplied into the thousands.