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Happy Buddha

Happy BuddhaFat Buddha, Fat Happy Buddha, or Laughing Buddha is always known as Hotei (Japan) and Pu-Tai (China). This Buddha represents the ideals of good health, wealth, happiness, prosperity and longevity. This figure demonstrates the Buddhist notions of the good life that can be attainable in this current world. Fat Buddha is modeled on an historical figure, an obese wandering Zen monk with uncovered-big white belly named Pu-Tai of the Tang Dynasty. He was known for carrying a sack of candy, which he gave to children on the street.  Some also believe that he was an incarnation of the Buddha Maitreya, named Siddhartha who was the son of the King of the Sakyas and Queen Maya. For centuries, Buddhist notions of happiness have been based on self-mastery, a happy demeanor, purposeful endeavor, a deep commitment to the welfare of others and enlightened awareness. As a result, today his hemp sack is interpreted as filled with gold, happiness, health, and other aspects of abundance.