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Garuda God

GarudaGaruda is the King of the birds as he can mock the wind with the speed of his flight. He is one of the three principal animal gods in the Hindu Mythology, evolved after the Vedic Period in Indian history. The other two are Ganesh or Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, and Hanuman, the monkey god. Garuda has the head, wings, talons, and beak of an eagle and the body and limbs of a man. He has a white face, red wings and golden body.


Garuda's parents are Kashyap, a great sage, and Vinata, a daughter of Daksha, a famous king. Garuda was born from an egg that Vinata laid. In fact, it can be said that Garuda had two mothers as Kashyap, his father, had two wives: Kadru, the elder, and Vinata. There was great rivalry between the two. Once there was an argument over the color of the horse Chchaisravas. Each chose a color and put the bet on his own choice. The one who lost would become the other's slave. Vinata lost and was imprisoned and guarded by serpents, which were the sons of Kadru herself, the winner. As he wanted to help his mother from imprisonment, he had to bring immortal water as ransom for serpents. On the way to go to the celestial mountain, where immortal water had been kept, he had to overcome three monsters. Eventually, he could bring the water back and gave to the serpents. The serpents were so content that they released Vinata. Since then, Garuda had become the habitual enemy to the serpents. The serpents are represented by the Nagas, which symbolize evils that automatically invoked Garuda's hatred.

Therefore, Garuda represents the correction to evil-doers as he was born with a great hatred for the evil. In other words, his primary task is to wipe out the bad from the universe.