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Christian Cross

The Christian cross is a common symbol of Christianity. It represents Jesus's victory over death and sin. Cross without the corpus emphasizes the resurrection while crucifix emphasizes Jesus's sacrifice. After the death of Jesus, the cross was rare and disgraceful in the eyes of the Roman world for at least 250 years as it depicts a painful and cruel execution. The Ichthys or fish symbol, and the Chi-Rho monogram or the labarum were used at the early stage of Christianity. The usage of the cross prominently emerged in the 3rd century in Egypt. At that time, the Egyptian cross had different shape from traditional cross we see today. It was called “ankh”. The cross often has different shapes and sizes. It can be used from personal jewelry to top of church buildings. The type of cross used by Romans for execution is now called St. Anthony's Cross, letter “T” shaped cross, unlike the traditionally depicted Latin cross.