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Chinese Zodiac

Unlike the linear concept of time in the West, the Chinese concept of time is cyclical. The 12-year cycle, which is represented by 12-year animal signs, is used for dating the year in traditional China. This means that every 12 year, the time is repeated according to the pattern. An animal name or sign is assigned for each year: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.  The Chinese calendar is based on the moon, not the solar system in the Western calendar. In the Chinese calendar, the new years are on somewhere between late January and early February. Although the Chinese have adopted the Western calendar since 1911, the Chinese calendar is still used for festive occasions such as the Chinese New Year.

There is a myth that describes how the animals were assigned to the cycle of years. Once upon a time, the Lord Buddha summoned all the animals to assign each of them a year. When the cat heard the news, he told his friend, the rat and they decided to go together. When the day came, the cat was overslept through the morning. Therefore, the cat did not make it to the meeting and was not assigned to a year. This is why there is no year of the cat and why cats hate rats. At the meeting, the Lord Buddha asked the participants or 12 animals to decide who will be the head of the cycle of years. They could not decide and quarreled among one another. As a result, the Lord Buddha held a contest: the first person who was able to reach the opposite of the bank of the river will be the head, and the rest would receive their years according to their finish.

When the competition started, all 12 animals jumped in the river. The tricky rat jumped on the ox’s back. When the ox was about to reach the other side of the bank, the rat jumped off the ox’s back and won the race. The pig was fat and passive. Therefore, the pig was ended up last. The rat is the first year of the Chinese zodiac, the ox second, and the pig last.

Horoscopes for Chinese Year
Much like monthly horoscopes in the West, Chinese horoscopes have been developed around animal signs in Chinese zodiac. The Chinese horoscope mostly predicts main characteristics of a person born in the particular animal year. The Chinese people do not consider the horoscopes seriously.

1) The Year of The Rat (The Rat Year)

Persons born in this year are attractive to opposite sex. They work very hard to achieve their goals. Rat people are likely to be perfectionist, economical, resentful, and love to gossip. Mostly, they are successful in life. They can get along very well with Dragon, and Monkey people but have to avoid Horse people.

2) The Year of The Ox (The Ox Year)
Persons born in this year are patient and easy-going. Although they are not talkative, they are quite expressive when they do speak. Ox people are supportive and often inspire confident in others. Sometimes, they are resentful, eccentric and remarkably stubborn. They hate to fail and be opposed. Ox people can get along well with people born in Snake and Rooster Years but have to avoid Goat people.

3) The Year of The Tiger (The Tiger Year)
Persons born in this year are respectful, sensitive and have great sympathy. They often have too profound thinking that decisions they made are arrived at too late. Sometimes they are very hot-tempered and very suspicious of others. Tiger people are powerful and courageous. They are compatible with Horse and Dog people, but have to avoid Monkey people.

4) The Year of The Rabbit (The Rabbit Year)
Persons born in this year are ambitious, talented and tactful. Mostly, they have financial luck, especially in gambling. However, they seldom gamble because they are clever and conservative. They are talkative, fond of gossip, patient, and have excellent taste. They get along well with people born in the years of Goat and Pig, but have to avoid Rooster people.

5) The Year of The Dragon (The Dragon Year)
Persons born in this year are energetic, honest, brave, sensitive, and softhearted. Dragon people are the most eccentric of any in the Chinese zodiac. Sometimes they often speak very frankly. They do not like to borrow money. They are also very healthy. People born in the year of Dragon are compatible with Rats and Monkeys, but have to avoid Dog people.

6) The Year of The Snake (The Snake Year)
People born in this year are good-looking and have financial luck, and great wisdom. They rarely speak but they have tremendous sympathy for others who have less fortunate. They rely on themselves and often have doubts on others’ decisions or judgments. They are determined in whatever they do. Sometimes, snake people are a bit selfish, vain and stingy. Although their appearance is calm, they are passionate. Their emotion is unstable. Snake people get along well with Ox and Rooster people, but have to avoid Pig people.

7) The Year of The Horse (The Horse Year)
People born in this year are cheerful, popular, and good at money management. They are talkative. They are wise and talented. However, sometimes they are impatient and hot-tempered about everything. Horse people don’t listen to advices. People born in the year of Horse get along well with people born in the years of Tiger and Dog, but they have to avoid Rat people.

8) The Year of The Goat (The Goat Year)
People born in this year are shy. At first sight, they seem to be better off than those born in other years. However, they are pessimistic and often clumsy in speech. Goat people are deeply religious and believe in what they do. They are wise, gentle, and compassionate. They are successful in the arts. Goat people are compatible with Rabbit and Pig people, but not with Ox people.

9) The Year of The Monkey (The Monkey Year)
People born in this year are genius, clever, and inventive. They can easily solve the most difficult problems. If they want to do something, they want to do it now. If they don’t get start right away, they will become discourage and finally no longer eager to do. They are good decision makers and have excellent memories. However, Monkey people often look down on others and sometimes are too agreeable. They are most compatible with Dragon and Rat people, but have to avoid Tiger people.

10) The Year of The Rooster (The Rooster Year)
People born in this year are talented and like to keep themselves busy. They are likely to devote themselves beyond their capabilities.  If they fail, they are deeply disappointed. In general, Rooster people have difficult relationship with others and often think that they are always right and they are! Their emotions also are very unstable. Sometimes, they can be selfish and talkative.  They get along well with Snake and Ox people, but have to avoid Rabbit people.

11) The Year of The Dog (The Dog Year)
People born in this year are honest, and remarkably loyal and can keep secrets. It is believed that dog people are the best traits of human beings. They do not care much about wealth but they are rich. Sometimes it seems that they are cold blood, selfish and stubborn. They have a special gift of spotting mistakes very easily. Dog people are good leaders. People born in this year get along well with people born in Horse and Tiger years. However, they have to be very careful with Dragon people.

12) The Year of The Pig (The Pig Year)

People born in this year are very gentle, polite and very chivalrous. If they decide to do anything, they do it with courage and strength. They will never give up until they achieve their goal. They are very patient and remarkably honest. They do not have many friends but if they have one, they will make them for life. So if anyone has a Pig year friend, he/she is very lucky. Pig people hate arguments and quarrel. They are most compatible with Goat and Rabbit people. However, they have to be very careful with Snake people.