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7-Days Buddha Images

Buddha images represent moments in the Buddha’s life. Thai people sometimes pay respect to particular Buddha images that match their days of birth. To check your day of birth, please click calendar conversion.

 Buddha Image for Sunday
 Buddha Image for Monday

Buddha Image for Tuesday

  Buddha Image for Wednesday   
Buddha Image for Thursday
Buddha Image for Friday
 Buddha Image for Saturday

Buddha Image for Sunday (In Pensive Thought)

The enlightened Buddha stands with hands crossed over his abdomen (right hand over the left). The Buddha contemplates his achievement of complete knowledge under the Bodhi tree. After enlightenment, the Buddha stood still for seven days under the Bodhi Tree to contemplate the suffering of all living things. He was tempted to enter Nirvana at once (By Mara), but he wants others to know the true doctrine, and resolves to communicate his doctrine to others.


Buddha Image for Monday (Preventing Calamities)
The Buddha stops the relatives from fighting or pacifying his relatives. When the Buddha came back from Heaven, he found that his relatives were quarreling about the right to use water from a river for their rice fields. The Buddha encouraged them to compromise and said that human life is much more valuable than water and it was not worth killing men for water. Then, his relatives stopped fighting.


Buddha Image for Tuesday (Reclining Buddha)
The reclining Buddha represents the passage to Nirvana or a resting Buddha. The gesture represents complete peace and detachment from the world. It was believed that the Buddha entered Nirvana on this day of the week.


Buddha Image for Wednesday (Holding an Alms Bowl)
The Buddha holds an alms bowl. The Buddha visited his family after four years in the monastery. His father was not content when he saw the Buddha “begged” for food holding an alms bowl. Buddha explained to his father that performing pindabat, or holding an alms bow are the lineage of Buddha. Thus, the disciples can devote their food. The virtue of giving amongst Buddhists is strong until today.


Buddha Image for Thursday (Meditating)
The Buddha is in meditation. This is the perfect mental discipline. The gesture is the ultimate balance of tranquility and thoughts. It is believed that the body in the position is receptive to power or energy to enter the body from the top of the head and the opening palms.


Buddha Image for Friday (In Reflection)
The Buddha is in contemplation of how he can teach the Dharma to others. The posture represents a complete spiritual transformation.


Buddha Image for Saturday (Protected by Mucalinda's Cobra Hood)
The Buddha is in meditation and protected from a storm by Mucalinda, the King of the Naga. The image is related to the moment when a naga spreaded its hood to protect the Buddha from a rainstorm while he was in profound meditation.